The Company

Little Hawk Logistics is at its heart an act of aviation passion on the part of the founder, President, and pilot Eric Walden. With over two decades of experience in aviation, he brings the depth of experience needed to provide safe, comfortable, and efficient executive air transportation to Central Virginia and beyond.

Flying under the operational control of the Meridian Air Group based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, LHL brings a very special aircraft to the already existing fleet of Pilatus PC-12 turboprops. The Socata TBM-850 is a spectacular example of aviation engineering, bringing the power and efficiency of the Pratt and Whitney PT-6 line of engines to a streamlined and efficient airframe resulting in amazing performance in all phases of flight. That performance translates to charter costs well below any other solution, at greater speed and comfort.

Using the existing charter scheduling, operational support, and maintenance structure at Meridian, the TBM comes into an environment that will let it thrive. Offering transportation from anywhere in the region out to well over 1000 nautical miles non stop with up to 5 passengers, anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard to the Midwest is well within range, with the Caribbean, Mountain West and the Pacific Coast being single day trips also. Eric, with his 11 years of experience at Netjets, is familiar with nearly every airport in all of those areas, can ensure a safe and comfortable experience for the passengers fortunate enough to choose to fly with us.

For Little Hawk Logistics, we aren't just providing air transportation, we are offering the opportunity to experience air travel as it once was. An experience! From before boarding the flight until after disembarking at your destination, we will strive to always provide the safest, most comfortable and convenient experience possible. Come fly with us today!